CSA/ATEX certifications for hazardous environments

Our CSA Class 1 Division 2 (ATEX Class 1 Zone 2) certified devices are approved for use in environments where ignitable gases are present. The inherently low power consumption of Alicat instruments allows for monitoring of flow and pressure in hazardous environments without losing critical features like our multi-parameter display. CSA and ATEX-approved instruments feature locking industrial connectors for power and communications.

Alicat CSA/ATEX classification

Ex ec IIC T4 Gc

Class 1, Zone 2 AEx ec IIC T4 Gc

Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C and D, T4

-40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C

Compatible device configurations

  • Compatible devices: All devices except EPC and EPCD pressure controllers, Whisper™ meters and controllers, BASIS™ mass flow controllers, portable meters, and CODA™ Coriolis controllers and meters.
  • IP rating: IP40 (Note: For an IP40 rated ATEX/CSA unit to meet official requirements, it must be placed in an IP54 rated box). IP66- and IP67-rated devices are incompatible with the -X build at this time.
  • Connectors: DB9, DB15, M12, industrial locking connector
  • Communication protocols: Serial, analog, Modbus-RTU
  • Displays: Remote and integrated backlit monochrome

Contact an applications engineer or check out our CSA/ATEX certification FAQ.

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