Calibration Training Breakout at Sales ReCal Conference

A more ‘hands-on’ training session was provided for attendees of the “ReCal” sales training event, to demonstrate the basics of Alicat…. well, Recalibration!

  • Attendees at both sessions received a thorough introduction to simple MCM vs. MFM calibration, RS232 commands, basic register functions for gain and linearity.  The focus of the technical side centered on adjusting register 26 (flow gain/slope) and register 43 (flow linearity), with various caveats and pitfalls noted. Due to limited time, the discussions made the assumption that RS232 communication (or other digital coms) were already established.
  • The intended key take-away from the 35 minute calibration primer, was that it is extremely easy to check and/or recalibrate Alicat flow products on-site, with minimal tools and minimal training.
  • Most reps asked good questions about calibration cycles, what it takes for a calibration to become a repair, and what general cleaning and maintenance tips they can pass on to their customers.
  • On the sales and marketing front, it is important for potential customers to understand that all Alicat products are calibrated in the digital domain, using just basic RS223 commands and registers changes. As long as the customer has a good master standard to compare against, they can easily check and calibrate our devices in minutes. Having in-house calibration capabilities also provides opportunities for the customer to tear-down, clean and then recalibrate most instruments on-site.
  • Although Alicat has what is likely the most affordable and fastest service department in the industry, and we always encourage factory servicing, it is good for the customer to have the option for calibration on their own. Alicat is extremely forthright/transparent when it comes to sharing calibration instructions and tips with our customers.
  • Some Alicat sales representatives who attended the training sessions already had their own experiences with on-site calibrations, and shared their stories and viewpoints of the general process with the others.
  • The MCM, MCPM, MCRM, and MM calibrator models can be sold to reps and customers alike, to allow for expeditious field calibrations. These ‘transfer standards’ would be sent back to Alicat annually or bi-annually for full high accuracy NIST traceable certificates, and provides the customer will full NIST traceability, all within their own plant.