Test and develop efficient hydrogen fuel cell and electrolysis systems

Alicat is dedicated to providing custom mass flow and pressure regulation solutions for fuel cell R&D applications. From direct regulation of electrolysis and fuel cell system processes, to test benches for membrane and catalyst verification, we provide process solutions so you can focus on creating a more sustainable future.

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Nel hydrogen setup with mass flow meter

Maximize electrolyser efficiency with real-time H2 and O2 regulation

Use mass flow meters to verify hydrogen and oxygen gas flows in your PEM electrolysers.

Materials robust enough for humid, high-temperature environments

CODA Coriolis meters and controllers precisely monitor and regulate extremely low flows of water even in harsh operating conditions.

Corrosion-resistant pressure controllers maintain exhaust line pressures, even at high temperatures and in the presence of moisture.

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fuel cell diagram
fuel cell diagram

Full control of fuel cell test bench conditions

Maintain steady hydrogen and air line setpoints with instruments capable of providing combined mass flow, pressure, and temperature readings.

Fuel cell system modeling

Data output from a range of instruments allows accurate modeling of fuel cell systems. Each Alicat mass flow instrument simultaneously monitors mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, and temperature readings with response times as low as 10 ms.

Alicat instruments in fuel cell test stands at ZBT lab
PEM electrolysis testing

Protect membranes with rapid-response devices

Reliable and adaptive instrumentation is the key to effective fuel cell R&D. Here are some tips and tricks on getting the most out of the instruments in your test setup.

Detecting hydrogen leaks

Hydrogen is prone to leaking and can be difficult to detect, posing a safety hazard and leading to system inefficiency. Highly accurate Alicat devices are ideal for leak testing hydrogen systems.

Fuel cell system leak check setup
electrolysis di water

Instrumentation in carbon capture research

Alicat instrumentation is used in research focused on emerging technologies in the carbon capture industry.

This research is exploring topics such as developing an ionic liquid membrane for carbon capture on in space and understanding the condensation of carbon dioxide on heat exchangers.

Custom test stand solutions

To find the pressure and flow solutions you need for your application, speak with one of our applications engineers experienced in hydrogen systems.

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Graphic of green hydrogen methods
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