BASIS MFCs for OEMs now control to 20 SLPM

Compact, versatile and accurate BASIS mass flow controllers are ideal for original equipment manufacturing and process integration applications buying in volume. Now the product line includes ranges of 100 sccm, 1000 sccm and the new 20 SLPM model, each with digital communications options.

With the expanded range the new model provides, BASIS can now fit into more applications, such as sample dilution, sparging into liquids, and additional gas mixing systems.

The BASIS mass flow controller family was specifically designed to provide a fast, accurate, and economical package to OEM and process integration engineers. With its rapid control response speed of 100 ms, BASIS will react in real time to upstream fluctuations, producing a smoothly controlled flow downstream. Its accuracy is an impressive NIST-traceable, +/-(1.5% of the reading + 0.5% full scale).

The BASIS 20SLPM OEM Mass Flow controller

The controllers offer a good flexibility of fluid type, with built-in calibrations for Air, Ar, CO2, N2, O2, N2O. He and H2 are available as single-gas units. This flexibility means integrators can use BASIS in a broad range of end-user products, selecting their gas type through any of multiple communications options—RS-485, RS-232, Modbus Serial and 0-5 Vdc analog. PLC and PC control are therefore also available, and the instrument provides either digital or analog feedback.

You can get specifications and learn more about BASIS MFCs on the product page, or by contacting your regional Alicat distributor.