BASIS™ Mass Flow Controllers Provide Reliable Gas Flow Control for OEM and Process Use

Compact units deliver fast, accurate flow rate control

Tucson, Arizona (June 10, 2015) – Alicat Scientific has added a new line of mass flow controllers specifically for original equipment manufacture and process integration. BASIS™ is Alicat’s smallest footprint instrument, providing fast, accurate control of gas flow rates in an economical, easy-to-integrate package. BASIS is ideal for use in OEM gas analyzers, automated gas mixing on process lines, and anywhere basic mass flow-only control is required.

BASIS OEM mass flow controllerStocked and ready for quick ship on evaluation orders, all BASIS units are ready to control process flows at full accuracy in just 70 ms. A 100 ms control response enables BASIS to react in real time to upstream fluctuations. NIST-traceable accuracy is +/-(1.5% of the reading + 0.5% full-scale).

BASIS is available with the following multi-gas calibrations: Air, Ar, CO2, N2, O2, N2O (selectable over RS-485); He, H2 are also available in single-gas units. Dual communications – RS-485 Serial and 0-5 Vdc analog – mean BASIS can be built into a range of end-user products. For process applications, the availability of analog and digital feedback allows for both PLC and PC control options.

Learn more about Alicat’s new BASIS mass flow meters here, or call +1 520 290-6060.

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