Alicat vs. Truck

Alicat vs truck

It isn’t every day an Alicat Flowmeter takes on a truck approximately 10,000 times it’s size. During a delivery mishap, an innocent Alicat was literally run over by a delivery truck – see photographic evidence to the right.

Upon further analysis, multiple components were bent and/or damaged by the incident; the screen is obviously cracked, case bent and the circuit boards inside deformed as well.

What happened when we put it through our standard test procedure ?  Amazingly, the unit communicated fine via RS-232.  This robust little flowmeter even still performed normally on analog control checks as well.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the unit still measured flow accurately. After a few tweaks, we compared current performance to the factory calibration, and measurements were within normal limits. While we still wouldn’t recommend putting this unit directly back into service, it goes to show that an Alicat Mass Flowmeter can take a LOT of punishment and still ensure that your process stays under control. If you are interested a more dramatic video of just how tough an Alicat flow meter is, check out our YouTube channel where a similar instrument is dropped from a two story building.

Alicat mass flow meters are built to the highest quality standards using stainless steel and anodized aluminum body and case parts. Doesn’t your process control deserve something this reliable and well constructed ?

Images and information are courtesy of our UK representative, Premier Control Technologies, Ltd (https://www.pctflow.com/)