Alicat Scientific Wins Global Company Awards

Alicat receives Halma innovation award

Alicat receives the Best Product Innovation Award from Halma plc.

Tucson, Arizona (June 6, 2016) – Alicat Scientific has been recognized by its parent company, Halma plc, receiving “Sector Company of the Year,” and “Growth from International Expansion” awards. The Halma awards honor top performing companies from within its global group of safety, health and environmental technology companies.

This is the second year in a row that Alicat has been named Company of the Year in Halma’s Environmental and Analysis Sector. While one of the criteria is significant growth, the award also takes into account innovation, governance, and overall management. Alicat, which also won a Halma Innovation Award in 2015, has demonstrated a continuous investment in product and personnel development. Its mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers are used throughout the world in a broad range of industrial and research applications, from measuring methane emissions on farms, or controlling weld gases in production facilities, to providing data and pressure control in aeronautics research.

Alicat was also recognized for Growth from International Expansion, one of only two companies from among Halma’s 45 subsidiaries to receive this distinction. The award rewards growth in markets outside of the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe. Over the past year, Alicat has demonstrated outstanding growth in Asia and other markets outside the United States, particularly in India.

Based in the United Kingdom, Halma’s global subsidiaries develop and manufacture products for protecting life and improving quality of life for people worldwide. Its portfolio of market-leading companies are organized into four sectors: Process Safety, Environmental and Analysis, Infrastructure Safety and Medical.

Company Profile:
Part of the international Halma group, Alicat Scientific designs and manufactures mass flow devices used in medical and scientific instrumentation, as well as diverse industrial applications, for high-precision measurement of gas and liquid flows. Its all-digital product range includes mass and liquid flow meters and controllers; pressure gauges and controllers; portable flow meters; secondary calibration standards; software and accessories.

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