Alicat Scientific is proud to announce a new representative: Indusa PR






“Alicat is excited to have a knowledgeable and respected partner in Indusa” said Mic Chaudoir, market manager for Alicat. “Indusa has an impressive organization and a passion for customers that mirrors our own. We look forward to working with them to serve the beautiful island of Puerto Rico”

Indusa and its principals have been operating continuously for over 125 years, serving customers’ fluid management needs. Indusa has multiple locations on the island, as well as a large staff dedicated to responsive customer service. Their current business is centered on sanitary process equipment and fluid management systems in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Adding Alicat Scientific instruments to their portfolio will allow them to build upon their success by expanding their presence in mass flow and pressure management solutions. They will be focused on introducing Alicat’s differential pressure based instruments, as well as our new bio series mass flow controllers, to their customers in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Contact Indusa today to obtain a demonstration of an Alicat Scientific product and find out why Alicat is the world’s fastest flow control company.

787 723 3450

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