Alicat Releases Precision Dispensing Package for Flow Controllers

New feature delivers precision control for dosing, dispensing and batch processing applications

Tucson, Arizona (June 9, 2014) – Alicat Scientific, Inc., releases its new Precision Dispensing Package as an option for its liquid and gas mass flow controllers. The package’s integrated flow totalizer and batch dispenser bring the company’s precision flow control to common dosing, dispensing and batch processing applications in the chemical, food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Watch the video here.

Alicat's Precision Dispensing Package marries our flow totalizer with high-speed batch processing.The Precision Dispensing Package adds versatile batch processing to Alicat’s optional integrated flow totalizer for its gas mass flow controllers and liquid flow controllers. Users may dispense gas or liquid volumes at their desired flow rates by means of independently controlled batch values and flow rate setpoints. One-touch resetting provides easy duplication of batches via the flow controller’s front touch panel. Full batch control and totalizer data are also accessible via RS-232 digital communications.

Alicat’s flow controllers feature typical control response speeds of 50 ms, which afford highly precise control of dispensed volume sizes. This makes the Precision Dispensing Package ideal for high-accuracy food and beverage dispensing, medical and pharmaceutical dosing, and high-efficiency chemical processing in batch reactors. All Alicat instruments are backed by NIST-traceable calibration, comprehensive technical support and a lifetime warranty.

To learn more about Alicat’s Precision Dispensing Package, visit or call +1 520 290-6060.

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