Alicat Flocabulary: W – Whisper low pressure drop mass flow meters and controllers

Alicat Whisper Meter_TFT

The Whisper is here!

For the first time, Alicat has given a name to a new product line. The low pressure drop characteristics of our new Whisper series eliminates frictional resistance to gas flows so much that it can literally run on a whisper!

The Whisper series fully replaces our popular MLD series of mass flow meters, which had pressure drops of 1.0 psi at their full-scale flows. Now, the Whisper boasts full-scale pressure drops as low as 0.052 psi, or 3.6 mbar. The Whisper series also brings ultra-low pressure drops to our mass flow controllers. The 0-500 slpm controller has the highest full-scale pressure drop in the series at just 47 mbar, or 0.69 psi.

The Whisper series combines Alicat’s innovative technology with low-drop proportional control valves and high-sensitivity differential pressure sensors for use in systems with very low differential pressure availability. Both the MW and MCW series are available in full-scale ranges from 0-0.5 sccm to 0-500 slpm and carry Alicat’s lifetime warranty.

Click here to visit Alicat Scientific’s Whisper page, or click one of the following app notes to see the Whisper in action:

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