Alicat Flocabulary: -S for 316L Stainless steel for aggressive gases

-S: 316L Stainless steel for aggressive gases

Our customers know that Alicat flow and pressure instruments are durable. Their stainless steel bodies and aluminum casings attest to that. Even so, sometimes a higher grade of stainless steel is needed, not for protection from drops and dings, but MS MCS family SiH4 to resist the corrosive effects of aggressive gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide or silane, among others. Adding an “S” to the first component of the Alicat part number launches a string of changes that equip your instrument to withstand aggressive gases. These changes include upgraded 316L stainless steel flow bodies, stainless sensors and FFKM elastomers. For controllers, we also upgrade the brass valves to stainless steel ones. Equipped in this way, your Alicat will long withstand the use of aggressive gases. Alicat’s S-series is available for most mass flow or pressure configurations.

Click here to learn more about Alicat’s S-series for aggressive gases.

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