Alicat Flocabulary: MCV for Vacuum Deposition

MCV: Mass flow Controller for VacuumAlicat MCV vacuum

Alicat’s MCV series of mass flow controllers are designed specifically for applications that have strong vacuum pressure downstream of the mass flow controller, such as vacuum deposition. The MCV marries an internal downstream proportional control valve within the flow body of the controller to a second pneumatic positive shut-off valve connected to the downstream side of the flow body. This second valve allows for a very tight shut-off of 1 x 10e-9 atm scc per second (He), which is critical to vacuum coating or sputtering applications, among others. Alicat MCV’s are available in full-scale ranges of up to 20 SLPM.

Click here to learn more about Alicat’s MCV-series mass flow controllers for vacuum applications.

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