Alicat enables rapid bioprocess production scaling with fast delivery

Alicat mass flow controllers are ready to ship to improve capacity and efficiency for bioprocessing and vaccine production

The story of the past decade in bioprocessing includes such milestones as the introduction of single-use technologies, higher speed data interfaces, and specialized small scale bioreactors. However, production capacity always seems to lag behind demand. Bioreactors are typically used to provide a controlled environment which allows for fast, efficient production of the needed microorganisms. An ideal partner provides rapid delivery, flexible configuration, and a BPE compliant approach for their control systems. Alicat’s BIO-Series mass flow controllers are designed precisely with this scenario in mind.

Pharmaceutical companies all have specific approaches for cultivating microorganisms, which often require custom built control systems; Alicat is committed to building BIO-Series mass flow meters and controllers to customer specifications within 4 weeks to enable rapid delivery and scale-up. BIO-Series mass flow controllers and meters have primary wetted materials that ensure product compliance, safety and efficacy: 316 stainless steel and USP VI elastomers. Alicat’s 10,000:1 controllable range enables quick scale-up and simplified designs; one controller can cover the same range that normally requires 3 or more flowmeters and valves. And this range means that as organisms metabolic needs scale, the oxygen or CO2 flow can efficiently scale along with them. Every Alicat BIO-Series mass flow controller or meter also comes with gas select; this allows for switching between bioreactor gas inputs with no loss of accuracy. This provides greater flexibility and redundancy – one mass flow controller can serve as the backup for any other controllers with a similar flow range.

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are scaling up to meet today’s global demands for vaccine production. As these needs scale, Alicat is committed to meeting customer needs for rapid delivery and product customization without delay.  Standard product ships in about 8 days and custom product in 4 weeks or less. Some Alicat products can even ship within one day. Talk to one of our application engineers today to find out how we can help improve the scale and efficiency of your bioprocess.