Alicat Electronic Pressure Controllers

The new Alicat Electronic Pressure Controller (EPC) packs all the analytical stability and accuracy of our standard pressure controller, but in a compact form ideal for installing in high volume original equipment manufacturing (OEM) applications, ensuring that the end product is outfitted with the best components available.

From bioreactors to chemical analysis, quality control to metrology and beyond, Alicat customers are building pressure based OEM systems that require greater and greater levels of accuracy and control stability.

Dual Valve Pressure Controller for OEM Applications

Dual Valve Pressure Controller for OEM Applications

Sold in batches of 25 units or more, the fully customizable EPC is an economical solution to pressure control in OEM applications. Three varieties of EPC—single proportional valve, dual proportional valve and back-pressure—allow for customized pressure control in embedded systems.

A single valve device is ideal for regulating straightforward applications, like using a pressure regulator to knock down inlet pressure off a gas bottle, or providing volumetric flow control against a calibrated orifice. With control times faster than 100 milliseconds, it adds control stability and responsiveness to any desktop analyzer, lab in a box, reactor or sample preparer for chemical separation processes like gas chromatographs or mass spectrometers.

A dual valve system adds a second valve directly into the component, allowing for real time pressure control of flows into and out of a process, without the waste found in using a single valve pressure controller and a continuous bleed. Dual valve controllers are used to precisely control dome-loaded industrial processes involving high volumes at high pressure—as well as in tiny capillary tubes for cancer cell analysis, where miniscule amounts of fluids are moved around.

A back-pressure controller operates proportionally to increase frictional resistance on the outlet of a fluid control system. By taking advantage of a wide range of orifice sizes, EPC back-pressure solutions vent-down systems with many different flow requirements, while maintaining speed, accuracy and a full range of pressure and vacuum controls. No matter what back-pressure process users are controlling, the Alicat EPC can provide deep resolution and granularity improvements while maintaining speed, accuracy and a full range of back-pressure and vacuum back-pressure control.

The number of applications for pressure control in the scientific and industrial world are staggering and the EPC allows companies to integrate the fastest pressure control meter into products. As the world of technology continues to miniaturize and pack more and more performance into smaller packages, Alicat EPC’s are an invaluable tool for pressure control needs in OEM technologies.

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