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Many of our customers are working on projects at the forefront of scientific discovery and technological development, making it critical to provide high performance instruments. When a customer reaches out to Alicat, our number one goal is to find the perfect solution that best meets the needs of each application.

Configured for immediate use

Alicat devices are preconfigured for your process gases, flow range, and pressure conditions. This means each instrument is ready to go right out the box. If process conditions change, it is easy to adjust valve tuning parameters in the field.

Better than a thermal

Use Alicat devices for highly accurate multi-gas measurement and control. Each Alicat is pre-loaded with 98-130 gas calibrations and 20 custom-defined gas mixtures. One device can measure or control each gas with the same degree of accuracy, even with changing pressure or temperature conditions. This is in direct contrast to thermal mass flow controllers, which correct readings using k-factors and output measurements with variable accuracy.

Alicat's Gas Select menu

Alicat Gas Select preloaded gas calibrations

Another advantage of an Alicat over a thermal mass flow controller is that they can get liquid inside without frying and can be cleaned in the field with no need for recalibration.

Fast, multi-variate data with no warm-up time

Differential pressure devices require no warmup time and have millisecond response times. Alicat devices are ready to provide multi-variate data as soon as they are turned on, simultaneously measuring mass flow, volumetric flow, gas pressure, and gas temperature. A unique feature of Alicat mass flow controllers is that they can be used to control flow or pressure.

Communication protocols and Alicat software

Alicat devices are built for easy integration into pre-existing setups. Monitor and control your process using the integrated backlit display, or choose from a variety of analog, digital, or industrial communication protocols.

Easily log data and control up to 26 devices from a single computer using Alicat’s free FlowVision software and LabView drivers.

Variety of Alicat mass flow controllers in a line.

Custom solution examples

Several thin film deposition customers needed to replace their old mass flow controllers, so Alicat designed the MCE-Series. This device has a form factor that includes welded 1/4″ VCR fittings and matches 124 mm end-to-end length of SEMI standard MFCs.

Physical vapor deposition system with custom mass flow controller

A gas mixing project became Fusion Flow Technologies. With the goal of developing simple, low-cost gas mixers for customers to use in-house, we designed a full turnkey solution.

Fusion Flow Gas Mixer MXM

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