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  • Search and rescue operations supported by a drone in Norway
    Hydrogen drones – renewable powered UAVs

    Hydrogen drones – renewable powered UAVs It is currently impractical to power unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with battery technology alone, as the battery required to improve flight times would be so large and heavy that it would severely limit cargo capacity and range. A promising alternative power source is hydrogen. Compared to a lithium ion […]

  • Bioreactor set up in a lab
    The advantages of hybrid equipment in biologics manufacturing

    The advantages of hybrid equipment in biologics manufacturing What is bioprocessing? Bioprocessing is a technique by which we use biological resources such as living cells or microbes, and their machineries such as enzymes or metabolites, to obtain desired products. Bioreactors and fermenters are optimized to provide the best environment for these reactions to take place […]

  • Photovoltaic panels for solar hydrogen power
    Solar hydrogen: renewable powered electrolysis

    Solar hydrogen: renewable powered electrolysis There are two primary ways to generate solar hydrogen: hydrogen produced from solar energy. The first is via a photochemical process, using solar energy directly to split water. The second is solar powered electrolysis, which uses solar cells to generate electricity and power electrolysers. While the photochemical process is appealing […]

  • Vaccine and molecule
    Synthetic biology: what is it and why is it all over the news?

    Synthetic biology: what is it and why is it all over the news? Several of our recent blogs have focused on topics in synthetic biology, such as cultured meat, algae photobioreactors, and bioplastic – and now synthetic biology is showing up all over the news. In case you haven’t yet seen the headlines, this is […]

  • Leaf
    Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production

    Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production The products of photosynthetic processes such as photocatalysis and CO2 reduction are motivating technological developments in artificial photosynthesis. If properly replicated, such photosynthetic processes could be used to efficiently and sustainably produce highly desirable fuels and chemicals such as hydrogen. Photoelectrocatalysis and electrolysis Photoelectrocatalytic processes offer the potential to use solar energy […]

  • Bioreactors and industrial facility
    Hybrid facilities provide necessary flexibility to biologics manufacturing

    Hybrid facilities provide necessary flexibility to biologics manufacturing We’ve compared advantages for single-use plastic and multi-use stainless steel bioreactors over a series of blogs. Here, we’ll look at use cases for both single-use and multi-use skids in biologics manufacturing and discuss how they can be used cooperatively in hybrid facilities. What is a hybrid facility? […]

  • gas flow
    9v firmware update

    9v firmware update Tucson, AZ, 8 June 2021, Alicat Scientific has announced the release of a new firmware version (9v firmware). This update features modifications to the map menu that enable easier navigation of popular features. It is now easier to access the details of gas mixtures and to configure the display settings of your […]

  • CVD chamber
    Thin film deposition techniques

    Thin film deposition techniques The thin film deposition industry has seen some amazing innovations and improvements that have led to the development of fast, scalable, highly efficient deposition setups. In this blog, we will discuss prevalent chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor deposition techniques and applications. What is thin film deposition? Thin film deposition techniques […]

  • Hydrogen
    The northern Germany hydrogen economy

    The northern Germany hydrogen economy The northern German states of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, and Schleswig-Holstein are well known for their use of renewable energy, and are now joining together in what is called the HY-5 initiative to further stabilise their energy supply and diversify their renewable energy technologies. Establishing a hydrogen economy The HY-5 […]

  • Microplastics on a beach
    What is bioplastic?

    What is bioplastic? We’ve written quite a bit about bioreactors made of plastic. Now we will discuss plastic made in bioreactors. The plastics made in bioreactors are known as bioplastics. They are quite distinct from traditional plastics and offer numerous benefits over them. Traditional plastics are petroleum products, introducing harm to the environment from oil […]