9v firmware update

June 8, 2021

Alicat is announcing the release of a new firmware version (9v firmware). This update features modifications to the map menu that enable easier navigation of popular features. It is now easier to access the details of gas mixtures and to configure the display settings of your device.

  • Communication protocols are also now available for a wider range of devices.
  • We have added a new button allowing for easy access to the details of a gas mixture created in COMPOSER. The configuration options in the main screen now allows for easier control over what is displayed on your device screen. Devices with RS-232 and RS-485 are now available with Alicat’s standard ASCII and Modbus RTU, with no need for special firmware.

Alicat’s Senior Software Engineer, Brian Clendenin, explains the motivations behind this update:

“As Alicat devices have continued to add more features and options, finding just that one setting too often requires a prolonged search through many menus, with cryptic hints coming from very short and cramped labels. Alicat users deserve better, so the goal was obvious: make the menus easier to use.
The improvements begin with concepts found in everyday electronics that are already familiar to everyone. Building on those elements allows longer labels to be shown while also reducing the number of menus. A much simpler menu system is the result; it more clearly presents what can be done and how to do it.”
Here is a map of the updated menu screens:
Menu for 9v firmware Alicat devices

9v menu map

For more information on the 9v firmware update, please read the FAQ for the 9v firmware. You can also contact us at 888-290-6060 or info@alicat.com with any additional questions.

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