Month: December 2016

  • Improved Process Gas Control Optimizes Reactive Sputtering

    Customized valve response algorithms in flow controllers produce better films, with more control of the target’s transition state. Reactive Sputtering Reactive Sputtering is a type of Physical Vapor Deposition process used to create thin film vacuum coatings. The process deposits a compound material coating on a substrate by introducing a reactive gas, such as O2 […]

  • I Accidentally Had the Wrong Gas Selected. What Can I Do?

    In brief:  Both the mass flow rate and volumetric flow rate depend on the viscosity of the gas. If a different gas is selected than that which is flowing through the device, the flow rates will be off by approximately the ratio of the viscosities.  Simply multiply your reading by the ratio of the selected gas’s […]

  • Alicat Adds EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet to Controllers and Meters

    Industrial automation protocols integrate mass flow and pressure instruments into process scheme Tucson, Arizona (December 14, 2016) – Alicat Scientific has expanded its communications protocol offerings, adding EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet as options on its line of mass flow, pressure, and liquid instrumentation. The new industrial automation protocols enable integration of Alicat instruments with PLCs running […]

  • Integrate a fast flow controller into your networked system

    Ethernet/IP and DeviceNet now available on mass flow controllers, meters and pressure controllers What’s cooler than having the world’s fastest lab-quality flow or pressure control device? Did you think, “Networking that baby into an industrial process!”? Well, you read our minds, because so did we! … That’s so spooky! Connecting flow and pressure controllers or […]

  • Customized Electronic Pressure Controllers for OEM Use from Alicat Scientific

    EPC family delivers responsive liquid or gas pressure control, tailored to application needs Tucson, Arizona (December 7, 2016) – Alicat Scientific has added two new families of electronic pressure controllers specifically for high volume original equipment manufacture. The EPC family with single proportional valves, and EPCD family with dual valves, provide customized pressure control in […]

  • Why is my variable area flow meter not matching up with the Alicat?

    A Rotameter is a variable area flowmeter (VAF). It provides a flow measurement by using the pressure of a flow stream to float a ball within a conically shaped tube and provides the mass flow measurement of a gas or liquid, when operating in its standard fluid, temperature and pressure environment. When ordering a Rotameter, […]

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