Month: February 2015

  • Fast OEM Mass Flow Control for Automotive Catalyst Testing

    Once again, we head across the pond for a glimpse at the role Alicat plays inside OEM products, courtesy of our UK distributor, Premier Control Technologies (PCT). As a manufacturer of catalyst testing and aging equipment, Catagen Ltd plays a significant role in the worldwide reduction of automobile emissions. The company’s testing equipment relies upon the […]

  • Alicat mass flow control system, showing (front to back) the BB9 distribution box, 3 standard mass flow controllers, 2 anti-corrosive controllers and an anti-corrosive mass flow meter
    Mass Flow Control for Gas Sensor Characterization and Calibration

    This “Alicats in the Wild” post comes courtesy of Premier Control Technologies, Alicat’s distributor for the United Kingdom. Cambridge CMOS Sensors is an industry leader in sensor technology. Their patented CMOS MEMS gas sensors use Micro-Hotplates technology to provide lower power consumption and faster response times for monitoring air quality and hazardous gases. A test […]

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