Fast, responsive gas delivery for PVD and ALD processes

Delivery of purge and reactive gases into a vacuum coating system requires fast response and precise control. These innovatively reliable, versatile products are superior to original equipment, in a competitively-priced package.

Product descriptions and specification sheets are below.

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Mass flow controllers used in a plasma vapor deposition

Proven results in vacuum coating

  • Rapid flow control for purge and reactive gases helps maintain optimal chamber mixing
  • Accurate flow control at very low rates – tens of microliters and up!
  • The preferred choice for labs and prototypes
  • Leading protocols like EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet for industrial installations

Products and features for vacuum coating that improve outcomes

  • Pressure controllers and mass flow controllers
  • Fast, precise control means better coating results
  • Simplified processes reduce installed cost and maintenance expenses
  • Selectable gas calibrations reduce inventory requirements
  • Stainless steel configurations available for aggressive gases

Want to know more about flow and pressure control in vacuum chamber applications?

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Vacuum Coating with Pressure Control

PVD and ALD: Control pressures and flows into vacuum processes

Uneven coating quality and poor repeatability result from fluctuations in vacuum chamber pressure. Achieve faster, more precise controls of neutral and reactive gases using an Alicat pressure controller. Using the pressure controller non-reactive gases and using Alicat mass flow controllers for reactive gases improves uniformity and success in plasma vapor deposition (PVD).
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Sputtering Flow Control

Sputtering Flow Control with Vacuum

Controlling the amount of plasma gas within a sputtering chamber is crucial. Fast response times, fine flow resolution and accurate control of the partial pressures of reactive gasses prevent target poisoning, while improving uniformity. 25 to 50 millisecond control times make the difference.
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External Ion Gauge Vacuum Control System

Coating: External Sensor Vacuum Control System

Upstream vacuum control that is compatible with many vacuum gauges, including Capacitance Manometers and Ion Gages. This method obtains lightning-fast control of vacuum, using a special configuration of an Alicat single-valve pressure controller.
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MCE SEMI-Standard Series Mass Flow Controller

Mass flow controller with SEMI footprint: Alicat MCE-series
Upgrade aging or underperforming thermal flow controllers with Alicat’s MCE, an easy drop-in replacement with the ease of use and speed that professionals love. We can match any manufacturer’s pinout configuration to ensure compatibility with your control system. Enclosed valve design and fittings conform to SEMI International Standards. Max range: 0-20 slpm. Also available with 316L stainless steel construction (MCES series).
MCE Specs

MCV Vacuum Series Mass Flow Controllers

Mass flow controller for vacuum - Alicat MCV-Series
The MCV Series mass flow controller for vacuum applications starts with an MCE (above) and adds an integrated pneumatic shut-off valve to ensure vacuum integrity during zero setpoint conditions. Max range: 0-20 slpm. Also available with 316L stainless steel construction (MCVS series).
MCV Specs

IVC Integrated Vacuum Controllers

The IVC Series vacuum controller provides an alternative to expensive downstream vacuum valves. In comparison, downstream valves are slow to respond and difficult to operate.

The IVC incorporates vacuum sensors capable of operating accurately to low millitorr ranges. The sensor can be plumbed to a downstream location through a port, or may be configured in-line with the control valve and flow. By integrating the sensor in the controller, users save parts and costs, while enjoying well-calibrated responses.
IVC Info

PC-EXTSEN/PCR-EXTSEN External Sensor Series

Alicat PC-EXTSEN-series pressure controller with external sensor connector
The PC-EXTSEN Series connects to an external pressure transducer via a dedicated connector and cable, allowing it to control flow at its location based on conditions at a location downstream, through serial or analog communication from the sensor. The PC-EXTSEN does not have an internal pressure sensor of its own, instead relying upon the customer-supplied sensor to provide pressure readings. This series is especially useful for vacuum coating processes that employ vacuum gauges.
PC Specs PC-EXTSEN Bulletin

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