TFT optional backlit color mass flow controller display

TFT optional backlit color display

Color TFT Display

Part Number: TFT, TFTRD

Turn your monochrome mass flow meter into a color mass flow meter. Our backlit color displays are available on most of our instruments. The screen is the same size as the 160 x 128 pixel monochrome display at 2.1″ diagonal, but with a higher resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. A seventh touchpad button beneath the Alicat Scientific logo toggles the backlight on and off to conserve power when the unit is in operation. The adjustable backlight has 12 levels of variable brightness, perfect for low-light environments.

The color display shows measured variables in white with green engineering units. The numbers turn yellow when they reach their full-scale maximums. Red indicates that the parameter has reached its maximum measurable value.

Backlit color TFT display

Backlit color TFT display with backlight toggle

Ordering Information:

Color displays may be ordered for most meters, gauges and controllers, with the exception of dual-valve pressure controllers and ATEX- and CSA-rated units. When ordering a TFT, simply replace the “-D” part number extension with “-TFT” like the following example: M-20SLPM-TFT
The color TFT option is also available as a remote display using the code “-TFTRD”.