Alicat Scientific provides a range of product options to customize our products to meet your needs.

Color mass flow meter display

CSA/ATEX Area Classification for Hazardous Environments (-X)

Our CSA Class 1 Division 2 (ATEX Class 1 Zone 2) meters, gauges and controllers are approved for use in environments where ignitable gases are present. The inherently low power consumption of Alicat instruments allows for monitoring of flow and pressure in hazardous environments without losing critical features like our multi-parameter display. CSA and ATEX-approved instruments feature locking industrial connectors for power and communications. Please call 888-290-6060 or email us to speak with an Alicat sales engineer about your area classification requirements. View Alicat’s current CSA Class 1 Div 2 (C1D2) Certificate of Compliance with Supplement and ATEX Class 1 Zone 2 Declaration of Conformity.

Display Options

Display Options

Alicat mass flow meters and mass flow controllers feature spacious integrated digital displays that provide real-time data for multiple parameters simultaneously. Display options include:

  • The default display is a monochrome high contrast LCD
  • Backlit color TFT displays
  • Remote displays in monochrome or color for embedded installations
  • Instruments can be ordered with no display, which is fairly typical for Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus, or PROFIBUS protocols.


Process Port Options

Alicat’s pressure and flow instruments come with threaded female NPT process connections by default, but we offer many customization options, so you can incorporate your new Alicat into your existing plumbing. After you select a port type, your Alicat applications engineer will recommend a specific port size in order to minimize dead volume or to ensure your full-scale flow rate can be achieved.

Threaded Process Connections

  • NPT Threaded Ports (default)
    NPT Size Default Flow Ranges Whisper Series Flow Ranges
    M5/10-32 UNF with 1/8” NPT fitting 0.5-50 SCCM 0.5-20 SCCM
    1/8” 100 SCCM-20 SLPM 50 SCCM – 5 SLPM
    1/4″ 50-100 SLPM 10-20 SLPM
    1/2″ 250 SLPM 40 SLPM
    3/4″ 500-2000 SLPM 50-500 SLPM
    1-1/4” 3000 SLPM
    2” 4000-5000 SLPM 1000 SLPM
  • SAE Threaded Ports
    Dash Size O-Ring Thread Process Boss Port Size Recommended Flow Ranges
    M5 (10-32 UNF) 0.5-10 SCCM
    2 5/16-24 1/8” 10-50 SCCM
    4 7/16-20 1/4” 100 SCCM–10 SLPM
    6 9/16-18 3/8” 20-100 SLPM
    8 3/4-16 1/2” 250 SLPM
    10 7/8-14 5/8” 500-1000 SLPM
    12 1-1/16-12 3/4″ 1500-2000 SLPM
    16 1-5/16-12 1” 3000 SLPM
    24* 1-7/8-12 1-1/2” 4000-5000 SLPM
  • AN Threaded Ports (SAE 5202)
    Dash Size O-Ring Thread Process Boss Port Size Recommended Flow Ranges
    4 7/16-20 1/4″ 100 SCCM-10SLPM
    6 9/16-18 3/8” 20-100 SLPM
    8 3/4-16 1/2” 250 SLPM
  • BSPP/G-Series Threaded Ports
    BSPP/G-Series Size Recommended Flow Ranges
    1/8” 100 SCCM-20 SLPM
    1/4” 50-100 SLPM
    3/8” 50-250 SLPM
    1/2” 250 SLPM
    3/4” 500-2000 SLPM

Connections with Welded Fittings

  • Welded Compression Fittings
    Tube Size Recommended Flow Ranges
    1/4″ welded compression 100 SCCM-100 SLPM
    3/8” welded compression 50-250 SLPM
    1/2″ welded compression 50-500 SLPM
  • Welded VCR Fittings
    VCR Size and Gender Recommended Flow Ranges
    1/8” welded VCR female 0.5-50 SCCM
    1/4” welded VCR male 100 SCCM-100 SLPM
    1/2″ welded VCR male 50-250 SLPM
    1” welded VCR male 500-3000 SLPM
  • Welded VCO Fittings
    VCO Size Recommended Flow Ranges
    1/8” welded VCO 0.5-50 SCCM
    1/4″ welded VCO 100 SCCM-100 SLPM
    1” welded VCO 500-3000 SLPM


RS-485 Communication

Since most computers have RS-232 communication onboard, Alicat has chosen RS-232 as the digital standard on all of its flow instruments. For those using RS-485 as their primary standard but would like to use an Alicat
device, RS-485 is available as an alternative to the standard RS-232 digital communication.



Ethernet/IP industrial network protocol is available on Alicat flow and pressure instruments purchased with the Ethernet/IP option. Automate your flow and pressure control system through an ethernet cable connection. The protocol must be ordered as an installed option for new instruments, and is not available as an upgrade to existing units. Check with your local representative or an Alicat Applications Engineer through our web site to get details on pricing and the necessary downloads, supporting files and bulletins.

Alicat’s Ethernet/IP instruments are ODVA CONFORMANT™. Alicat is a member of ODVA, the Ethernet/IP certification body.

Ethernet/IP Operating BulletinFAQ: Alicat Ethernet/IP
Alicat Ethernet/IP EDS File ODVA Conformance



Automation industry users looking for mass flow control with DeviceNet language capabilities turn to Alicat Scientific for DeviceNet-conforming instruments. Check with your local representative or an Alicat Applications Engineer for details on pricing and the necessary downloads, supporting files and bulletins.

DeviceNet Operating Bulletin



This robust communication protocol has been helping manufacturers for over thirty years, making Modbus the linqua franca of the industrial manufacturing world. Any of our units can be configured to support Modbus RTU over RS-232 or RS-485. Modbus data may be transmitted through Alicat’s default 8-pin mini-DIN connector, a 9-pin or 15-pin D-Sub connector or an RJ45 connector.

Modbus TCP/IP

PLCs running the Modbus industrial automation protocol over Ethernet cable can connect with Alicat instruments using the Modbus TCP/IP protocol option. All the mass flow or pressure controller’s data, including: mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, temperature, selected gas calibration, setpoint, and totalized flow can be output to a central PLC running Modbus TCP/IP. Users may also change setpoint or gas selection, and issue other commands remotely. These capabilities are available in a Modbus intranet or internet environment, using the TCP/IP protocol.

Modbus Operating Bulletin



Alicat mass flow meters, mass flow controllers, pressure controllers, and pressure gauges can be ordered with PROFIBUS communication.

PROFIBUS Operating Bulletin


Totalizer (TOT)

The totalizer is an optional function that can be added to any flow meter or flow controller. This option adds an additional mode screen that displays the total flow that has passed through the device. It is available in a variety of count resolutions and provides a maximum count of 7 digits that will vary by the chosen resolution of the count. The display totalizer can be ordered to freeze, roll-over to zero, or roll-over to zero with an error signal when maximum count is reached. The totalizer display will show elapsed time since the last totalizer reset in hhhh:mm:ss format.

Here’s a video that shows how easy it is to use the totalizer option:

Alicat's Precision Dispensing Package marries our flow totalizer with high-speed batch processing.

Precision Dispensing Package

The Precision Dispensing Package takes advantage of our fast proportional control valves to combine the above totalizer functionality with precision batch processing for Alicat gas and liquid flow controllers. Users may dispense gas or liquid volumes at their desired flow rates by means of independently controlled batch values and flow rate setpoints. One-touch resetting provides rapid duplication of batches. Full batch control and totalizer data are also accessible via RS-232 digital communications.
The Precision Dispensing package is available for controllers by requesting the TOT option.

Here’s a video demonstrating the precision dispensing capability.

Integrated Potentiometer Control (IPC)

Integrated Potentiometer Control (IPC)

Alicat’s Integrated Potentiometer Control (IPC) is a convenience feature that makes adjustment of the control setpoint on almost any Alicat mass flow, liquid flow or pressure controller as easy as the turn of a knob.

What Does a Potentiometer do?

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