Electronic Pressure Controllers

Electronic pressure controllers, or electronic pressure regulators, are highly customizable for easy integration within original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. Our EPC/EPCD line delivers high accuracy and fast, droop-free closed-loop control in a compact, competitively-priced package.

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EPC pressure regulators give you laboratory-grade performance at a reasonable price. NIST-traceable accuracy and reliable control keep your product repeatable.


Quench pressure spikes as they happen. Industry-leading control speed and adjustable PID valve tuning ensure your product operation is not upset.


Waste no more. Dual-valve design uses only what you need and eliminates costly continuous bleeds. The small footprint and open design conserve space, too.


Which EPC can we build for you? We customize the valves, ports, sensors and communications to precisely suit your product design and application requirements.


Split Flow Gas Chromatographs

Alicat’s EPC maintains stable carrier gas flow rates at the sample injector within a gas chromatograph. A second backpressure EPC on the split flow vent ensures sufficient column head pressure. Small size, fast response and dual analog/digital communications make the EPC easy to build into OEM products.

Pressure controllers for OEM split flow gas chromatographs

Pressure controllers for OEM split flow gas chromatographs

Fluidic Dispensing for Flow Cytometry

Dual-valve EPCDs control the head space pressures to propel the sheath fluid and the cellular sample through the flow cytometer’s laser. High EPCD accuracy and wide usable ranges make possible the dispensing of precise amounts of fluid.

Pressure controllers for OEM flow cytometers

Pressure controllers for OEM flow cytometers


OEM Pressure Control Markets


Gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers

Manufacturing/ Process Control

Coating, leak testers


Flow cytometers, ventilators, anesthesia flow control


Sample conditioning systems, particulate samplers


Questions about OEM electronic pressure regulators?

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Our OEM partners need highly repeatable performance from our electronic pressure controllers. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Alicat assures adherence to the highest quality standards to maintain unit-to-unit uniformity.
As part of Halma plc’s Environmental & Analysis sector, Alicat Scientific brings big-company resources with small-company agility to develop solutions for our OEM partners. Founded in 1991, Alicat has garnered significant recognition within Halma, including multiple awards for Best Product (our Whisper series) and Sector Company of the Year.

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