OEM Gas Flow Controllers

BASIS™ mass flow controllers offer repeatable, reliable control in an economical gas flow control component package. Designed for stress-free integration within original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, BASIS features a small footprint, high-accuracy MEMS sensor and Alicat’s leading fast valve control.

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Usually, you get what you pay for. With BASIS controllers, you get more: fast, reliable performance backed by responsive customer support at a jaw-dropping price.


BASIS controllers won’t let you down. NIST-traceable accuracy and repeatable control ensure that your product works the same on Day 700 as it did on Day 1.


Pressure spikes won’t ruin your day. Industry-leading control speed and valve tuning lets BASIS mass flow controllers get ahead of the unexpected.


Do more with BASIS controllers. A small footprint, calibration for multiple gases and dual analog-digital communications give your team greater design flexibility.


Flow Control for OEM Gas Analyzers

Ensure measurement accuracy in OEM analyzer products. Fast valve response and high accuracy make for repeatable and stable gas flows to the analyzer sensors. Small size, instant control readiness and dual communications make BASIS easy to build into end user products.

OEM gas analyzer flow control using an Alicat BASIS mass flow controller

OEM flow control using an Alicat BASIS mass flow controller

Automated Gas Mixing

Fill your gas mixing cabinets with responsive BASIS mass flow controllers that are ready in an instant for flow measurement at full accuracy. Fast analog and digital feedback to a PLC or PC allows real-time changes to the flow rate setpoint to maintain desired gas mixture composition.

Custom gas mixing using Alicat BASIS mass flow controllers

Custom gas mixing using Alicat BASIS mass flow controllers


OEM Gas Flow Control Markets


Gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, gas blenders

Manufacturing/ Process Control

Coating, laser gas control, leak testers, fuel cells


Ventilators, anesthesia flow control, perfusion machines


Calibration boxes, bioreactor control, particulate samplers


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Our OEM partners need highly repeatable performance from our mass flow controllers. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Alicat assures adherence to the highest quality standards to maintain unit-to-unit uniformity.
As part of Halma plc’s Environmental & Analysis sector, Alicat Scientific brings big-company resources with small-company agility to develop solutions for our OEM partners. Founded in 1991, Alicat has garnered significant recognition within Halma, including multiple awards for Best Product (our Whisper series) and Sector Company of the Year.

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