All Alicat flow and pressure instruments may be powered through their standard 8-pin mini-DIN or other configured connectors. We offer the following dedicated power supplies to power your device.

PVPS24U Universal Power Supply

PVPS24U universal power supply

PVPS24U universal power supply
$55.00 (US)

Part Number: PVPS24U

Our PVPS24U is a variable power supply that accepts 100-240 Vac at 50-60 Hz and delivers 24 Vdc at 1.0 amp. The PVPS24U includes four interchangeable prong configurations for easy access to power outlets around the world. The barrel-type connector is compatible with our meter and controller power jacks, as well as the BB9-USB multi-drop breakout box. With a maximum output of 1.0 amp (1000 mA), a single PVPS24U can power as many as 25 meters or 6 non-Rolamite controllers when daisy-chained together.

Download PVPS24U specifications.

PS24VHC High Current Power Supply

PS24VHC 24 Vdc 6.5 A power supply $85.00 (US)

PS24VHC high current power supply
$85.00 (US)

Part Number: PS24VHC

The PS24VHC is an excellent power supply solution for instrument installations that require higher total current output than what the PVPS24U provides. It is also well-suited for permanent installations of our instruments. The PS24VHC accepts 100-120 Vac and 200-240 Vac at 50-60 Hz and delivers 24 Vdc at 6.5 amps.

Download PS24VHC specifications.