Alicat Scientific offers many fittings and adapters for connecting your mass flow or pressure instrument to the rest of your process. We can also machine customized process connections into our flow bodies, so if you don’t see what you need on this page, call 520-290-6060 or email us to speak with a sales engineer about a custom solution. We will do all we can to get you connected!

#10-32 UNF to 1/8″ NPT Adapter

Part Number: 410133

Alicat mass flow meters and mass flow controllers with full-scale ranges of 0-50 sccm or less ship with stainless steel #10-32 UNF to 1/8″ NPT adapters for greater flexibility in process connections. Note that using this adapter introduces additional dead volume. To avoid this, use accessories sized for the #10-32 process connections.

410133 #10-32 UNF to 1/8" NPT adapter

410133 #10-32 UNF to 1/8″ NPT adapter
$15.00 (US)


Swagelok Compression Fittings

Part Numbers: SS-*

Swagelok compression fittings may be used with any of our flow or pressure products. All compression fittings listed below are stainless steel.

#10-32 process connections:

  • 1/8″ OD tube: SS-200-1-0157, $25.00 (US)
  • 1/4″ OD tube: SS-400-1-0256, $30.00 (US)
SS Series Swagelok compression fittings

SS Series Swagelok compression fittings
Starting at $15.00 (US)

Swagelok Compression Fittings1/8" NPT process connection1/4" NPT process connection1/2" NPT process connection3/4" NPT process connection
1/8" OD tubeSS-200-1-2SS-200-1-4SS-200-1-8
1/4" OD tubeSS-400-1-2SS-400-1-4SS-400-1-8SS-400-1-12
3/8" OD tubeSS-600-1-2SS-600-1-4SS-600-1-8
1/2" OD tubeSS-810-1-2SS-810-1-4SS-810-1-8SS-810-1-12
3/4" OD tubeSS-1210-1-8SS-1210-1-12
3mm OD tubeSS-3M0-1-2SS-3M0-1-4
4mm OD tubeSS-4M0-1-2SS-4M0-1-4
6mm OD tubeSS-6M0-1-2SS-6M0-1-4SS-6M0-1-8
8mm OD tubeSS-8M0-1-2SS-8M0-1-4SS-8M0-1-8
12mm OD tubeSS-12M0-1-2SS-12M0-1-4SS-12M0-1-8SS-12M0-1-12
16mm OD tubeSS-16M0-1-8SS-16M0-1-12