From reliable industrial-grade flow and pressure controllers to highly-customized research flow meters, our products help our customers do their work faster and more efficiently, saving time and money. Alicat makes accurate, dependable products that are backed by generous customer support.

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If you are unsure which product is best for your application, call Alicat at 888-290-6060 to get immediate assistance from one of our applications engineers. Go to Alicat’s product selection guide.

Gas mass flow meter

Gas mass flow meters and controllers

Our mass flow controllers and mass flow meters are easy-to-use, benefit-rich, laminar pressure-based instruments that feature fast response and linear accuracy with NIST-traceable calibration. Our portable flow calibrators permit stand-alone verification of flow rates in the field. Meters, controllers and calibrators are available in “Whisper” low pressure drop configurations.

Liquid flow meter

Liquid flow meters and controllers

Our liquid flow meters and liquid flow controllers are designed with laboratory research and process automation in mind. These instruments feature fast response times and utilize the same principles of laminar flow that drive our gas mass flow meters and controllers.

Single valve pressure controller

Pressure controllers and vacuum transducers

Our digital pressure transducers provide real-time monitoring of gauge pressure, absolute pressure or differential pressure. Our pressure controllers provide responsive and stable control of these pressures in flowing and vacuum applications, and our dual-valve pressure controllers offer efficient control of pressures in closed volumes with no need for a separate bleed valve.

Single valve pressure controller

Product Options

We tailor-make each instrument to satisfy the needs of each application. Whether you need backlit color displays for low light conditions, specialized communications protocols, totalizers for metering and batch dispensing or Class 1 Div 2 certification for hazardous environments, we have you covered.

Connecting cables

Accessories and Software

Our BB9 multi-drop breakout boxes connect your PC to multiple Alicat instruments for easy control, monitoring and mixing using Flow Vision software. We also provide a range of cables, filters, fittings, power supplies and cases to ensure your Alicat is ready to use right out of the box.