Alicat Whisper-series portable mass flow meter.

Alicat Whisper-series flow calibrator for gas analyzers and dilution calibrators

Fast Flow Calibrators for Ambient Air Monitoring

Alicat’s portable flow calibrators make flow audits easier and more accurate than ever before. Calibrate a wide range of instruments, and reclaim the rest of your day thanks to instant readings throughout the entire flow range. NIST-traceable calibration and a lifetime warranty complete the worry- free Alicat experience.
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Alicat FP-25 flow calibrator for low-volume particulate air samplers



Audit Every Particulate Air Sampler on Your Deck

Calibrate every low-volume particulate air sampler on your deck with a single instrument, Alicat’s FP-25. A flow range of 0.1-25 lpm/slpm and pass-through sampler connections make quick work of flow checks, calibrations and audits. Humidity sensing and rapid temperature equilibration keep your readings accurate in any climate, from Anchorage to Miami.
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Verify and Calibrate Gas Analyzers Instantly

Analyzer DS Verification MB Photo360ed_1200
Instantly verify sample flow rates for a wide range of gas analyzers. Conduct flow calibrations in seconds with live readings of volumetric flow. Optional totalizer averaging allows timed averages of 1000 readings per second to get reliable flow data from under-performing pumps. Extremely low pressure drop and push/pull capability makes the Alicat adept at calibrating all types of gas analyzers.
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Calibrate Gas Dilution MFCs in Minutes

Enviro Volumetric Cal not in Series-tr_1100
Perform a 20-point MFC flow calibration in minutes, not hours. Don’t waste another minute waiting for a positive displacement meter to finish a single low-flow measurement. Instead, save yourself hours of calibration time with Alicat’s MWB “Whisper” flow calibrator, which reads even the lowest flow rates instantly. Simultaneous display of actual volumetric flow and standardized mass flow rates makes it easy to get the information you need.
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Prepare Air Sampling Canisters in Seconds

Air sampling canister calibration setup, including "Whisper" portable flow calibrator
Alicat’s MWB “Whisper” flow calibrator sets up the volumetric flow controllers of VOC air sampling canisters. Ensuring the canister’s flow rate is on target for your sample set is a snap, thanks to the Alicat’s low pressure drop and live readings at very low flow rates. Whispers feature a wide 200:1 turndown for greatest exibility with varying canister sizes and sampling periods. Low pressure drop enables non-intrusive calibration of volumetric flow rates.
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FP-25 Field Flow Calibrator

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Accurate Readings from Anchorage to Miami

Be confident in your flow measurements, no matter the weather. Responsive temp probes and humidity sensors keep the weather in check as you monitor flow, pressure and temperature in real time. Or, collect a robust average of 5000 readings in 5 seconds.

Fast & Easy Operation for all low-vol samplers

Connect quickly to any low-volume sampler with the industry’s only pass-through PM10/PM2.5 inlet connection. Or, use the included barb fitting with face seal for no-hassle fitting changes. Rapid temperature equilibration lets you get started right away.

Durable Field Design with IP67 construction

Keep calibrating after a drop from the roof, or finish your audit if it starts to rain. This compact calibrator fits in your pocket but is built tough with an all-aluminum body, weather-resistant connections and the industry’s only lifetime warranty.
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MWB Portable Flow Calibrator

Alicat Whisper-series portable mass flow meter.

Alicat Whisper-series portable mass flow meter.

Accurate Measurements across a wide flow range

Conduct 20-point calibrations with confidence. Laminar flow technology gives the Alicat a wide operating range with accuracy that exceeds EPA requirements. Low pressure drop ensures that the meter does not interfere with volumetric flow readings.

Instant Flow Readings even at very low flows

Do a flow calibration in minutes, not hours. The Alicat saves you time by displaying real-time readings no matter the flow rate. The optional totalizer averages 1000 readings each second for a robust calibration of even the most finicky flow controllers.

Reliable Operation with no moving parts

Toss the Alicat in your kit, and leave the messy bubble juice behind. Spend your time calibrating, not supervising stuttering pistons through each flow measurement. Backed by the industry’s only lifetime warranty, an Alicat won’t let you down.
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Our environmental customers need highly accurate, repeatable performance from our portable flow meters. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Alicat assures adherence to the highest quality standards to maintain unit-to-unit uniformity.
As part of Halma plc’s Environmental & Analysis sector, Alicat Scientific brings big-company resources with small-company agility to develop solutions for our EPA-regulated customers. Founded in 1991, Alicat has garnered significant recognition within Halma, including multiple awards for Best Product (our Whisper series) and Sector Company of the Year.


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